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  • Christina Citta

    For a discrete and convenient paper towel roll location, remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in its place. I wonder if it would fit in the place of those fake drawers in front of the kitchen sink?

  • Devin Murray

    Remove fake drawer under sink and install paper towel holder. What a great idea!

  • Missi Maldonado

    Remove fake drawer under sink and install paper towel holder. Brilliant. I believe I will be doing this if for no other reason than to get the towel rack off of the counter. <3


    Remove fake drawer under sink and install paper towel holder. Another counter space saver!

  • Lindsey Koppin

    Great Idea!! Replacing the fake drawer in front of the kitchen sink with a paper towell holder.

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Ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions)>>>Love this!

Paint the inside drawers for a cheery pop of color. Might need to do this in our bathrooms, love this look! You could even do this in the kitchen to the drawers and the backs of the cabinets inside. :) I WILL have a bright yellow, black, white, and grey bathroom one day!

remove fake drawer, and put in paper towels where kids can easily access them (and you don't loose counter space or clutter cabinet).

Cutting Board/Drawer inverted & made into a butcher block over Trash can.

I'd love one of these! I am always tripping over stools.

Hidden vanity drawers. Keuco Edition 300 vanity 3072 in oak finish with matching sink and faucet.

an angled drawer may be better than a spinner. corners are so deep and this would go all the way

Love this idea. Make a trash drawer dedictaed to Dog. Pour in dog food. No more ugly big bags. No more dog food sitting out somewhere. Easy. wouldnt work for us but might for someone with big dogs

Bathroom Remodel! This is a great idea, leave the drawer open, dry your hair, throw it back in there and close the drawer, works for me. In the kitchen would be fabulous too!

We NEED this! I especially like that the garbage is not directly under the sink, so that one of us can be at the sink, and the other one doesn't have to say "excuse me" to throw something away (fifty thousand times).

secret flour and sugar drawer. I'd love to have this! Saves counter space too