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So, The Amazing Spiderman was, as it says in the title, amazing, and my love for Andrew Garfield has just got so much bigger.

Andrew Garfield. He's adorable. He's perfect.

Andrew Garfield. Let's take a moment to appreciate him and the fact that the Amazing Spiderman 2 is not that far away

Andrew Garfield. Just saw Spiderman. I'm in love. End of story. < HOLY CRAP THIS GUY WAS IN DOCTOR WHO! ANDREW GARFIELD, IN DOCTOR WHO! I HAVE OFFICIALLY LOST MY COOL COMPLETELY. On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone have a nice wedding dress?

why do i love him so- I think I'd die to have him.. ya im pretty sure I'D DIE.

I mean, I liked the new Spiderman as a whole, but hot damn did he make it better.

Andrew Garfield ... Can he please stop being so adorable...

So Emeline Benson, are we still on for the competition between Percy Jackson and him, or does this settle it?

" Andrew Garfield. He is the definition of adorable. Plus, he's the new spider man." My thoughts exactly 😍