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Helen Keller with her pit bull, Maggie.- I truely love this because here there are people who see pitbulls and think they are such vicious animals. Helen Keller was blind and death, she had no judgment, she loved the dog no matter what breed it was. sometimes i wish people its not the breed thats cruel, its themselves.

Choosing GratitudeL Learning to Love the Life You Have by James A. Autry, former Fortune 500 executive of Meredith Corporation, who got tired of reading the griping and anger in the daily news and, finding his own thoughts sabotaged by negativity and who challenges each of us to 'Count your blessings'. 'It's difficult to be angry when you are grateful.' by Mike Kilen, desmoinesregister #Jim_Autry #Choosing_Gratitude #Iowa #Mike_Kilen #desmoinesregister

The Screwtape Letters! I loved this book from the get go. Though it can be read as a casual read... It can be studied more deeply as how the devil can try to steal your joy and love of God. Quite humorous for a seasoned Christian, especially if you know about apologetics. Could be considered a comedy or horror book.

“I’ll see you in the land of books.” #books #lit #illustration

Você não pode comprar felicidade mas você pode comprar LIVROS, o que é QUASE a mesma coisa! (Verdade absoluta!!)