Flower girl delivers a message from the bride to the groom when she comes down the aisle..:)

Give to the groom on your wedding day. Or to your husband on your anniversary.

first dance photo, oh I love!

I'm going to do this

Put old pics of bride and groom on the bathroom door at the wedding!

cute flower girl wedding thank you gift I love, love, love it.

Praying together...so, so sweet and special

The shoe game: I think this could be so fun at engagement party, wedding reception OR anniversary!- the bride and groom both have one groom shoe and one bride shoe each, and they get asked these questions. When they think it's true for about the groom they hold up the grooms shoe, and likewise for the bride. (Only the bride and groom play this game. Everyone else watches- it is funny to see!!)

bride and mother of the groom = must have picture

The bride had her married name sewn in under her dress as her something blue. -- I totally want this done! & The date!

For those thank you notes.. brilliant!

there's something about this I love

Events by L would like to share this list of wedding flowers by season for all of our brides to be!

Each table number is a different fact about the bride and groom.

Bride to Groom

Traditions only matter if they are important to you. Here are 5 wedding traditions you can ( a couple you should) skip. Photo: Stacy Kokes wedding-ideas

''When the officiant says, “kiss the bride” the maid of honor and best man pull the string and petals fall!'' Cute idea!

TAKE NOTE: Engagement night: The groom had the bride’s father write her a letter. The letter contained his approval of their relationship. I think I would die.

Personalized Father of the groom from Bride by personalize4u, $22.00 What else could I put this on besides a hankie?

bride and groom and parents

We Did this at our Engagement Party!!! Sooo FUN! <3 Switch the Shoes The Bride and Groom each give the other one of their shoes and then stand back to back in front of the guests. The MC or DJ then asks funny what-ifs to the couple like “Who will take out the garbage without being asked”. The Bride and Groom then hold up the shoe for the one of them that they think fits the bill. Everyone gets a kick out of how the couple answers the questions.