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How to Grow Tom Thumb Lettuce- eHow

Tips for Growing Tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes Upside Down: 7 steps (with pictures)


Growing Vegetables

Wire Mesh Tomato Cage

Perennial Tomatoes-same plant year after year.

Information on growing berries

12 Top Tomato Tips

planting tomatoes - you have to read and see this

A pure black tomato with a high antioxidant content. We can't wait to try it! Follow our unique garden themed boards at pinterest.com/earthwormtec Follow us on fb.com/earthwormtec for great organic gardening tips www.earthwormtechnologies.com

Tomatoes on a small scale: The key to a good harvest is selecting tomato cultivars that flourish in the confined space of a container. Naturally compact types such as ‘Patio,’ ‘Tiny Tim,’ and ‘Yellow Canary’ perform especially well in these conditions

Grow and Use Fresh Herbs Here's how to grow and prepare 12 delicious herbs.

Arbor with clematis & bench seat. Arbors not only add character to your garden but are a clever vertical structure to grow climbers like edibles or flowers. They soften the frame, add colour, increase growing space and create a shaded nook. More design ideas @ http://themicrogardener.com/inspiring-small-garden-spaces/ | The Micro Gardener

Put your deck or patio to work: grow vegetables and herbs in containers

Alternative Gardning: Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade

Growing and Using Chamomile - How to

My first attempt at growing a vegetable garden. Only a week old!! I think I'm off to a great start! :-) Kale, Manoa Lettuce, Cucumbers, Squash, Snap peas, Carrots, Okra, Jalapeños, Sweet basil, Parsley, and Lavender.

http://www.westcoastseeds.com/productdetail/Vegetable-Seeds/Lettuce/Fast-and-Furious-Babyleaf-Blend/#sthash.xhON6DJB.dpbs The best baby lettuce blend you'll ever eat. Certified Organic leaf lettuce ready to harvest in 35 days.

A Garden of Shade-Loving Herbs - with planting plan... yes, there are herbs that can grow in shade!

Best Herbs to Grow in your Medicinal Garden-Part 3: Chamomile officinalis