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Love these bed spreads. My parents had a white one like this

Hobnail cotton bedspread features a floral and swag pattern. Woven by Maine Heritage Weavers, this heirloom-quality cotton bedding is tradition at it's best.

Another Papagallo purse

Plaid Bermuda bag aka Pappagallo Purse (Photo credit: Mable Studios) ~}{~ I had a faux Pappagallo purse, I wanted a real one soooo badly, but my mom wouldn't give in.

21 Random Snacks We Ate In the 1970s and 1980s. This pudding was as bad as it looks, but we are it and we liked it.

22 Random Snacks We Ate In the 1970s and 1980s

Hunt's Snack Pack pudding ---chocolate was my favorite. A rare treat, but they were great in our lunch boxes.

Oh the days of sitting in front of the radio listening to the top 40 countdown and waiting to press the record to get in on your mix tape.

Oh the days of sitting infront of the radio listening to the top 40 countdown and waiting to press record to get it on your mixtape. and getting annoyed when the DJ talked over half the song!

Time for Timer: Sunshine on a Stick

Time for Timer: Sunshine on a Stick.frozen orange juice on a toothpick. I'd rather hanker for a hunk of cheese!

70s-child: If you'd told anyone in 1970 that these things wouldn't be around today they wouldn't believe you:

Got sooo many great things by collecting S & H Green Stamps. Loved sticking them in the books and then looking through the catalog picking my next toy or maybe a awesome household item w was like Christmas! I remember doing this with my gramma !

Long distance. Doesn't seem like it was so long ago.

waiting to call long distance until after 7 p. because it was cheaper.

Telephone booths

actual telephone booths, calls were a dime. That's where the saying "I'm gonna drop a dime on ya" or "I'll dime on ya" came from. meaning to call & tell on you.

Gold Rush Bubble Gum                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Gold Rush Bubble Gum by Topps. I used to get this at our local Woolworth dime store.

Bullet box. Good idea for have chocolate info on. Count: 60/70/80% cacao & maybe info about chocolate maker.

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