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Fall in love with yourself (aka How to Love Yourself) - Kamal Ravikant.jpg

Love this photo by @bexlife Rebekah Borucki. This, from the opening of my new book "Rebirth."

#BUSINESS #PODCAST Pivot Podcast with Jenny Blake Rebirth: On Fear, Flow, Love and Magic with Kamal Ravikant READ: https://podDVR.COM/?c=3da928b3-be0f-c8e2-e82b-e8f68479e996

Naval Ravikant on

Naval Ravikant on Twitter: "Twitter is the only social network that connects people over ideas rather than over pre-existing relationships."

A beautiful story... poetic and poignant. A must read!

Movie Released, Death And Birth Anniversary In Bollywood On 5th January AR Rehman, Players, Coffee With D And Ravikant Nagaich

Rebirth: A Fable of Love, Forgiveness, and Following Your Heart: Kamal Ravikant: 9780316312288: Books

The Secret to Flight Don’t flap your wings so hard. It only exhausts you. Close your eyes. Lean into the currents, say yes. Let the wind raise you higher and higher. So easy. That’s what Eagles do. Oh, this is the secret to life as well. --From Kamal Ravikant's "Rebirth." It's beautiful. Read it.

"Stress comes from attaching your sense of self to a certain outcome." - Kamal Ravikant Whoa! Put THAT into your pipe and smoke it!