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"- Rainbows is a support group for children ages 4 to 14 who have suffered a significant loss in their lives through separation, divorce, or any other painful transition. Meetings are held at St. Mark Catholic Center, 429 E. Grandview Blvd., moderated by Sister Ann Bannon, OSB. For more information, contact Sister Ann Bannon at 824-1253."

The Least of These -- The world does not revolve around the sun. The world revolves around the predilections of upper- and middle-class feminists and their satellites.

Video Swapping soil for straw to grow a garden of veggies Savings on the food bill is one reason why a growing number of Americans are planning a backyard garden this summer. straw compost for garden beds. look more into it.

Involving Dads In Lives Of Children Born Out Of Wedlock

"There were 1.6 million births out of wedlock in 2014, accounting for 40 percent of the births in the U.S. Closer scrutiny of custody arrangements for the children of parents who never marry, or who divorce, coincides with a national push, by fathers’ rights groups, to give fathers more custodial rights over their children, and a push to sort out custodial rights of gay couples."

My Ex And I Were Conscious Uncoupling Before It Was Cool

"I'm proudest of the fact that this is just ordinary life to my kids. They expect to be able to see both of us all the time and have little context for divorce situations that don't look like this. "

If families fracture by 50% today before child goes to college.......the "Family Court Industry" who advocatingly drive divorce parties into poverty, case by case by case must be driven to stop harming these families.....Get on point Obama/GOP...These childrens chances of affording college without loans went out the door the day the Divorce Attorneys/Family Court Industry attaches to the Families assets and seeks total destruction....What is a poor or middle class family to do? NCPACE helps…

One economic fact is 'killing marriage,' but the parents still want kids

"The researchers said that when young men couldn't earn enough to rise above poverty, they didn't really consider themselves as having good marriage potential, a view shared by their partners...They believe that being married is optional but having a child is mandatory.".... Nearly 60 percent of the children...born outside of marriage...."

"...Women's History supporting gender equality as well as the best interests of children in family courts. This opportunity exists in proposed legislation seeking to move shared parenting — when children spend as close to equal time as possible with each parent — from the exception to the norm when parents divorce or separate. We should be championing gender issues, of which one of the most important is improving the well-being of our children when parents divorce or separate. "

"People now divorce two-and-a-half times as much as adults 20 years ago, and four times as much than 50 years ago."

‘I’m out of money, and I’m out of hope’: Rethinking custody battles

"...“I need meaningful time, quality time, with my daughters,” she said. Michael Reich’s ex-wife won both legal and physical custody of their young son. Reich said he sees him just four hours every month, and his grandfather died last week without ever meeting his great-grandson. “I’m out of money, and I’m out of hope,” Reich said. Edward Steiger is in the middle of what he described as a “high-conflict” divorce. He wants shared parenting, he said, but his wife doesn’t..."