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"In January 2008, Arunkuman Ingle, 55, was killed in the bedroom of his Middletown Township home. The Boeing Co. engineer was savagely beaten and stabbed and his testicles were mutilated. Prosecutors charged Parth Ingle, 25, of Pottstown, and his mother, Bhavnaben Ingle, 52, over the winter with first-degree murder, aggravated assault, and related crimes.....after being convicted of putting spywaremail...installed a GPS device on his father's car to track his comings and goings."


"....those who have suggested that treating fathers as parents was an “unintended” consequence of ICWA."


"....Accomack County....Jonan Gonzales-Funes (27, Bloxom) is accused of murdering the baby’s mother, Madison Jensen (20, Sanford) sometime over the weekend."


"Court records state Marshall told a deputy who responded that afternoon that Sean Marshall entered the house “while he was hiding in the shower with a video camera.” He told police she went straight for a bottle of six 20-milligram pills of Kadian, an extended-release morphine medication prescribed for patients who have shown a tolerance for similar opioid painkillers. During the response, Sean Marshall drove up and was arrested, the records stated."


"The national toolkit is a multidisciplinary endeavor: It was created by a public-private partnership, connecting university to law enforcement to business."


".........reportedly abducted near Rite Aid on Charleston’s West Side by their mother...believed to be in extreme danger...A friend of the children’s grandmother, who has custody of the children, was walking the four to Rite Aid when the children’s mother, Theresa Woodson, pulled up with an unknown man in a white Dodge Caravan...."


luba reutov? "Michael Waldie and 3-year-old Grace Waldie....police said they do not currently believe the girl is in danger."


Prominent DFL politicians are rushing to sever ties with a Minneapolis nonprofit after a state audit found it misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money.


French homosexuals demonstrate against same-sex ‘marriage’

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Why Does Zimmerman's Trial Get Round-the-Clock Coverage?

Why Does Zimmerman’s Trial Get Round-the-Clock Coverage?