Can't wait to do Elf on a Shelf this year! Elf on the Shelf day to thinking involved, love this

What you really needed to do before Christmas in 1958 (from Dec. 1958 issue of Family Circle)

20 Elf on the Shelf Ideas to get your elf inspired!

Elf on the shelf idea - Oh my, what is he up to now.

Letter from Elf during the summer

{Printable} 2013 Elf on the Shelf Calendar from Just Live Life Happy

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A Fun way to show kids not to be over indulgent during Christmas, one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, a book, and a little something extra.

Elf on the shelf...

Elf on the shelf

The Elf On The Shelf

Must remember to watch this. Elf on the shelf. Nov 25th.CBS

elf on a shelf printables

Free Printables - 24 Advent Calendar Ideas to do with your family.

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Shelf Elf

When the kids wake us up to tell us that our Elf forgot to move – we need to be quick on our feet to think of a reason why. Our Elf on the Shelf has great ideas, but sometimes he just sticks with the same one for two days in a row. Here are 25...Read More »

25 Elf on the Shelf Ideas for TODDLERS!

Twas the NIght of Thanksgiving: An Elf On The Shelf Poem for Moms, by @Elf Shaming #ElfOnTheShelf

simple as that: 25 No-Fuss Elf on the Shelf Ideas

25 Elf on the Shelf Quick and Easy ideas that take UNDER 5 Mins! | Over The Big Moon