Perect for summer :)

Engagement: Location - Woods/Lake #Engagement #EngagementLocation #Love #Woods #Forest #Lake #Outdoors #EngagementOutdoors #Wedding

I want to do this.

In the rain... Now this is happiness.

Cuddling around the Fire - cute date

"and those high heel shoes you love to lose as soon as the tune comes on. well it might be me, but the way you are is already driving me craaaazy. so, baby why don't we just dance?"

Slow dance barefoot with me in the kitchen when my hair is undone from work, and my eyes are tired of the length of the day...

Christmas card idea! FOR SURE! :)

drifting away with a good read.



Red boat

my kind of sailing!

some of our best talks

Perfect engagement photo.

What struck me about this photo were the different sources of light as well as the intensity of the light. The lamps intensely illuminate the image, while the tree lights give it a softness. The contrast makes for a striking and yet romantic image (and not just because of the couple in the photo).



In Tahiti you can see 135 feet below the surface... it almost looks like the boat is floating in the air....