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Thanks to Dance...

Thanks To Dance If Don’t Dance For One Day I Feel Like I Gain 1000 Pounds Lose All Of My Flexibility And Forget Every Dance I’m In hip problems flexibility

Thanks. ..

So true! So true!

This happens all the time in our office!


The dancers life is the life for me. Who wants to see my dance bag?


The kids and I have random dance parties all the time! In the car, at the store, playing at the park- we love dancing!

But lets be honest. There are sooo many better people out there. Competition.

Words to live by

Dance Quote - Your Daily Dance Compare yourself to quotes

or because I was also in choir...I've performed this song!  dance problems

Dance problem Number ***song comes on the radio Friend oh hey i love this song! Friend me too! Me: ***mentally remembering the entire dance


Quote: I will dare to just do what I do. Be just who I am and dance whenever I want to Beverly Williams

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My life. My life. My life. My life.

Ughhhh i had to deal with that last preformance!

dancer problems Those irritating sequins in the armpit of you costume.

again... works for show choir. Last year at jazz festival I literally had like that long to change out of my jazz band clothes into my show choir clothes. It was great.

I've had some crazy costume changes. Having had to change everything including hair, tights, and ballet shoes makes "quick" changes for musicals feel like a piece of cake!

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Martha Graham quote, possible tattoo

Thanks to dance

Keep Calm and Irish Dance — thanks-to-dance: (submitted by .