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Mid West Products 40 in. Trailing Spike Aerator - Help your yard flourish with the Mid West Products 40 in. This dependable yard tool features a spike aerator with tine.

Garden Tips - This Chart Shows the Lawn Maintenance You Need to Do Every Month of the Year. You probably think of lawn maintenance as a summer-only task. However, there are still a few tasks to be done year round. Now is the time to start looking after the lawn so this summer is beautiful. That's why I'm going to start explaining how to start keeping it.

How to Make Dandelion Salve

Model HDP-40 - 40" Trailing Plug Aerator This tow behind Aerator is great for medium to large size yards/lawns. Heavy-Duty Implement, which gets your Yard Ready to Fertilize and Feed. Aids your Lawn’s Health by Allowing the Fertilizer, Water and Air to get more Quickly into the Soil for Better, Faster Growth and Deeper, Stronger Roots. It can be pulled with your tractor, ATV or UTV.

Superior Lawn Cart by Lawn Cart. $95.00. Easily gather leaves without the bag slipping or having to hold the bag open. Makes leaf collection a cinch. Easily transport trash as well. The lawn cart's ring holds bags securely in place and adjusts heights for various sizes of bags.. You can easily empty grass clippings into the bag , without worrying about keeping the bag open or transport of the heavy bag once full. Just wheel it to the garbage area and slide it off.. Grea...

My step mother has one of these that is decades old - not sure if its the same brand - certainly didn't cost this much. It is an amazing all around yard cart (Muller's Smart Carts Heavy Duty Lawn and Garden Carts)

Some Cool home improvement Ideas (19 Photos

DIY Covered Raised Bed Greenhouse - Extend the Garden Season. Happy Hearts At Home: July 2013

DIY Goat Scratching Post - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum. Don't put on fence-supporting post, but out in field alone. Use broom ends.

SunTex by is a strong woven mesh that can block of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window. Perfect for outdoor blinds and sun shading applications. SunTex fabrics can be used for your patio, motorized shades, porch shades, wind

Model - Standard-Duty Wooden Utility Cart Great yard/lawn and garden…

Take a minute to learn about a Hugelkultur--a German tradition of creating a raised plant bed using decaying wood and compostable materials. An amazing process with benefits that are endless.us/BcNd

151 Adorable Hanging Chairs with Fantastic Design

crazy-comfortable ceechair, made in Wisconsin, comes in a range of colors and patterns. hanging garden chairs inspiration to make