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50 Sexy Kissing Positions Ideas for Romantic Couple

"The girl was so out of place, it looked normal but, I was the only one who noticed. She was wearing Victorian-style clothing and picking the petals off of a crimson red daisy. "Can I help you ma'am?" I ask cautiously. "No I am fine sir." she replies."

When bad-boy Penn reaches out to cautious Harper, a tumultuous relationship blossoms, and the two learn that their bond may not be strong enough to overcome their obvious differences.

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15 Snowy Romances to Keep You Warm This Winter

Snow teases that she feels like she's in a Nora Roberts romance movie while trapped in the snowstorm

Uber cute and light hearted love story, definitely will feel the feels You should read "Along For the Ride" on #wattpad #teenfiction

He stepped down trying not to look at her, as if she were the Sun, yet he saw her like the Sun, even without looking. #cabincouncilorchallenge 3

"It took him a second to sit down..."I'm telling you, it's ninety percent of the problem.""(8.122-23) Hazel has a tendency to look down about things, like the sadness the old life of the swing set brings to her. While Gus has a way of swooping in and saving from her sad thoughts that overcome her. He brings a light to every situation for her and keeps her going even when she wants to stop.

“Everytime she laughs, she hopes he’s watching. Not so that he sees she’s happy, but that maybe, just maybe he’ll fall for her smile, just ...

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The 7 Things Your Guy ACTUALLY Wants From Your Relationship

He had been my friend for a while now but I always felt different around him. It wasn't until he asked out my best friend when I finally realized I had a crush on him. They've been dating for a few weeks and already they havs hit bumps. Of course she comes to me for relationship help and every time she does I imagine it's me dating him. (Rp this-) I walk through the library I grab a book off the shelf and I start reading it. I'm so interested in my book that I jump when suddenly…

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The 17 Cutest Things to Do With Your Boyfriend on Valentine's Day

She's always been a short girl, but a good girl, innocent and clear with what had to be done. But when it came to him who everybody called 'Rich boy' she was a slave at his feet, willing to give any and everything unto him and he used her up like she was nothing yet did she care? No, because every night he came home to her and she stood by him. Funny how the girl with red shoes found her self dancing with the witches son right?


Beach Wedding Playbook

Sigh every time I see this one. He dunked her in the ocean and she loved him for it. #wedding

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Photo (Breakfast at Yurman's)


Robert Meyers. Impromptu kiss in the surf. She is after a man. Hope he is marriage material. This painting illustrated the story "The Girl Next Door" in the Saturday Evening Post in October 1956.

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Breezy Novels

You can't go wrong with a compelling story that's light, fun, and fast (but still plenty smart)—especially if you're beach-bound. These easy-reading novels are the perfect antidote if your reading has been heavy lately.