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Before heading out for your vacation ensure that you ask your certified personal trainer for a bodyweight workout fitness program that will help maintain your current fitness level until you return. Your personal trainer can build a program tailored for you specifically. The following bodyweight workout is one developed for a person that has been working out for an extended amount of time. Speak to a fitness professional or your physician prior to beginning any program.

What is Myofascial Release and How Does It help ?

Are You Active Enough? Learn about the Risks of being sedentary

Preparing for Kayaking with your certified personal trainer. We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful place! Get out and enjoy the sun! Learn more ..

Have you heard of calisthenics? Calisthenics is a type of exercise consisting of a variety of simple movements usually performed without weights or other equipment that are intended to increase body strength and flexibility using the weight of one’s own body for resistance. Calisthenics or body weight training is compound exercises that are leading the world as the fastest growing fitness trend 2015.

Side Plank

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Pilates Creativo, Tree Pose

Great tips you can use to ensure your existing personal training clients continue to train with you for years to come.

Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises

HIIT is All You Need in Training for Tough Mudder or a Marathon

HIIT is All You Need in Training for Tough Mudder or a Marathon

Fun Fitness Training with Your Dog #Fitness #PersonalTrainer #Health #Personaltraining #Dog #Exercise

84 #Workouts Without Equipment. Exercises don’t necessary require equipment; you just need to have the will and time. Try these 84 styles from the easiest level first and if you’re capable, do the “insane” exercises. I’m sure you’ll get fitter as you do these workouts regularly. Learn the Science. #Fitness #Course #Calisthenics

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Studies have shown that there is an incredibly strong relationship between anxiety and exercise – something that could tip the scales towards living an anxiety free life. Read More: #Fitness #Exercise #PersonalTrainer

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Recent discovery research shows that athletes who take steroids for brief periods of time, will likely benefit from their muscular effects decades later. 78-Year-Old X Bodybuilder turned Vegan, Jim Morris, is a perfect example of such research discussed here ---►

Scientists Refute Antioxidant Supplement Muscle Building Anti-Aging Claim #Fitness #Nutrition