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34 Relatively Simple Things That Will Make Your Home Extremely Awesome - Dutch door on the rabbit room/childrens room is a good idea!

How to float. 1: Pour some water on the ground. 2: Step away from water. 3: Take a photo. I'm way more amused by this than I should be

Kids talking about marriage and dating. Keep the chips and dip coming @Mindi Plankey Ennis Darr King!!


I have been saying this since my 10 year reunion. Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson has some great truth about class reunions. I love it!!

No kids lol! Best One Ever! @Amanda Snelson Snelson Canion

I hate the phrase 'kids will be kids'...

There's more to Ski Town USA than skiing. Click through for 10 things to do in Steamboat Springs besides skiing. http://carpe-travel.com/hings-to-do-in-steamboat-springs/

Hunger Games & Spongebob, too funny!

There is a difference

Duck Dynasty - Duck Dynasty: Hey

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Duck Dynasty

hahaha yup

Duck Dynasty

Oh Uncle Si..

You Can't Fix Stupid

The funny thing is that I react the exact same way when this song comes on!