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The Soupy Sales Show - "Hey, do the Mouse"

Topo Gigo, the little mousey! I used to watch this show all the time when I was little. It was rerun on PBS for awhile. Topo was always one of my favorite little acts. "Kiss me, good night!" Ah... the good old days of cleaner TV... when Elvis was only shown from the waist up because his hip movements were considered inappropriate. Sometimes, days long gone are very much missed... ~Ann~ 3/26/2012

Topo Gigio on Ed Sullivan. I loved him when I was growing up. I would cry when he left the stage.

topo gigio on ed sullivan; i could stay up just to see him and had to go to bed because it was past my bedtime. big treat. The most adorable little mouse!

Christmas on Main Street USA - Minnie Mouse