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Stunning portrait by Thirdee Balleras in Quezon City #Phlippines #Pilipinas #Pinas #Pinoy #Asia #Pilipino #Filipino #Filipina #faces #people #portrait #photography


"Sometimes, he could almost forget that she was a dangerous assassin. Other times, the realization hit him full force, so that he was practically paralyzed by the fear he felt at merely standing in the same room with her. Right now was one of the latter moments."

the daydreamers by brookeshaden, via Flickr

Brooke Shaden

Creative self portrait photography by Paige Nelson - 25 - Pelfind

"Thoughts" from series of black and white self-portraits by Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald, 22, picked up a camera only a year ago.

100 Seriously Cool Self-Portraits (And Tips to Shoot Your Own!)

Kyle Thompson. Yes, more flour.

When I'm having a bad day I close my eyes and picture this and my problems fade as I disappear into the mountains

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“You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea You belong with your love on your arm You belong somewhere you feel free.” ― Tom Petty


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By luisamöhle

Jane Chong (Self-portrait)

Luca De Nardo Photography♥ Beautiful honesty ♥#kink#D/s #hollywoodgiant #alexandnadia #zoeblackwood #ancientsummer

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Clary looked me right int the eyes and said, "Watch this." She closed her eyes and seemed to be concentrating really hard. Suddenly a huge gust of wind whipped her hair across her face. I heard a huge clap of thunder and saw lightning strike the ground only a few yards away. Then it began to rain everywhere except where we were standing. Clary opened her eyes and it all became calm again.