Two french braids into crown (back). It's like the Katniss Reaping Braids, but only half the hair.

Waterfall braid tutorial

{ Half-up woven braid }

crown braid, waterfall braid i love doing this one

Half-Up Crown Braid

just french braided one side into the middle and secured it with bobby pins.  Then I french braided the other side until it met with the side already pinned, and pinned them together!!  I


pretty braid - half up/half down

french braids

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half up half down braided wedding hairstyles - Google Search

Half French braid wrapped side pony. Fast and cute.

1.Tease the hair at ur crown clip it up 2.French braid the rest of your hair in 2 sections-braid horizontally from ur temples back towards the center of your head.Use hair ties to keep the braids in place 3.Unclip the teased section of hair down to where the braids meet.Leave out a small section.Use an elastic to create a ponytail with all of the hair- remove the ties from the braids 4.Use small section of hair out of the ponytail to wrap around the base to hide the elastic band

Mermaid Half Braid Tutorial | Beautiful Hairstyles

This is gorgeous! Half up, half down

KIM - half up, curls with braid coming around the back from the front


The Shine Project: Hair DIY: Drape French Braid. She has a really good video. Never would have thought of French braiding like that!

Braided Crown

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Katniss' Reaping Braids {from The Hunger Games movie} in just a few minutes!