This is an excellent texture project!!

Serengeti- Inspired for me a children's bedroom. Have a sunset with the animal shapes on one wall!

"Four Views of an Animal" by Elizabeth8188, Artsonia. This project could be applied to a variety of subjects (still-life, figures, animals, etc.). It invited students to make choices about interesting composition & design.

Tints and Sharks

Kids Artists: Animal silhouette

Mixed media

Magazine Collage animal mosaics - Possible artwork to go with Animal Research Project - February

Picasso warm/ cool portrait project

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash

kids- How to draw different animals and characters.

texture project

Art lessons

Art Projects for Kids

Thomas Elementary Art: 4th Grade Animal Printmaking (The best printmaking project I have ever done!)

Monochromatic or analogous colors for the background. Darkest colors at the top, changing to lightest. Once painted and dried, went over with black tempera paint to create a silhouette of a tree. They needed at least 5 combinations of colors varying from dark to light for swirls. Then start adding them in layers (D to L)from the top of the sky, middle, to the bottom. They chose contrasting color combination for the foreground and tree branches. Last, gold paint to show direction of light

Kathy's AngelNik Designs & Art Project Ideas: Northern Lights Winter Landscape Art Lesson

Art Projects for Kids: Vegetable Garden Watercolor Painting by chenbeg

holiday art project

Silhouette trees with pattern backgrounds. Beautiful visual art lesson for the fall season. Use tissue paper for the backgrounds to being in stained glass as a topic of art history.

♥Monochromatic Fish Paintings Mono = one Chroma = color

Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw a Fall Tree