This is an excellent texture project!!

Serengeti- Inspired for me a children's bedroom. Have a sunset with the animal shapes on one wall!

Kids Artists: Animal silhouette

Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash

"Four Views of an Animal" by Elizabeth8188, Artsonia. This project could be applied to a variety of subjects (still-life, figures, animals, etc.). It invited students to make choices about interesting composition & design.

Watercolor silhouettes. I so want to try these with the kids, very pretty.

Mixed media

Tints and Sharks

Birds for the wall

Art Projects for Kids: Watercolor for Elephants Tutorial

Picasso warm/ cool portrait project

Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson

Art Projects for Kids

collagraph education MAT

I'm not an art teacher but I so want to do this with my classroom for a part of a reading project using a picture book at the beginning of the year

Art Projects for Kids

Students learned to use acrylic colours, mixing them to get colour gradations. Then they painted a black silhouette on the colorful background. The effect is very bright!

neat silhouette idea


klimt--would be good for a mural, or group project