Don't fill your head with worries

Don't stand in your own way...

I MUST remember this

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Wow so true! all it takes is 17 seconds to shift into a better place...change your thoughts, change your life's path

Simple, yet effective @Anne Boor & @Lori Crosby

Yes, you deserve to be the most important person in your own life. "I am the most important person in my life." Dwayne Alvin Hearn

Speak positive vibes to you situation, it will get better when you let go of the darkness. #secondchances #quotes

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True confidence has no room for jealously and envy. When you know you are great, you have no reason to hate. #Wisdom #Confidence #Quotes

so true. also, note to self: give more grace to how others chose to survive. oy.


Bad news is: You cannot make people like, love, understand, validate, accept, or be nice to you. You can`t control them, either. GOOD NEWS IS: IT DOESN`T MATTER. .

be nice to yourself.

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20!

Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be.

Kindness matters