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$9.27 Target Alarm Clock | Cool People Shop Target Alarm Clock requires a shot to hit the bullseye to shut it up. This clock solve the problem of people not getting out of bed. By creating something with a loud noise that doesn't have a regular snooze button, the aim is to force you to get of bed and accomplish a task. This laser target alarm clock certainly achieves that as high accuracy is needed just as you wake to keep the thing quiet.

An alarm clock that runs away from you until you chase it down and stop the alarm...I need this more than I would like to admit.

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Shooting Laser Toy Gun Alarm Clock Target Panel Shooting LCD Screen Toy Games Gifts White

Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock Gifts for Hunters Gotta get my boyfriend this for Christmas!


A Brilliant Invention…

Fridge Fizz Saver Soda Dispenser Coke Drinking Device Soft Drink Dispenser.Free shipping-in Buckets, Coolers & Holders from Home & Garden on

The Smile Alarm Clock has face recognition sensors that turn off the alarm only if you give it a bright sunny smile; no half-smiles will do! What a positive way to begin your day….SMILE!

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Funny Gun Sign- Alarm and Gun - Humorous - Metal or Plastic

Funny Gun Sign Alarm and Gun Humorous Metal or Plastic | eBay


Knife Block

Knife Block. yes. Yes. & YESSS!!!! xD *I see you dudes pinning this! QUIT PLAYIN AND MAKE IT FOR ME!!!! x)

this has to be one of the greatest inventions EVER! where has this been my whole life?! i would hold ice under running water till it was small enough to fit in my bottle!!

The Easy Quick Jumper makes it possible to jump-start a dead battery without jumper cables and without having to go under the hood. All you do is connect one end of the Easy Quick Jumper to the cigarette lighter socket of the car with the dead battery and the other end to the cigarette lighter socket of a working car. In 5-10 minutes you’ll be ready to roll.

Splashmat... Holds up to 8 people this would be awesome for the lake! Probably a lot easier to put in & out compared to a traditional float!