Bill Nye the Science Guy - Earthquakes

phases of the moon rap

Kids can learn all about earthquakes through interactive tools from the USGS. #science #naturaldisasters #geology

Our Brain - Human Anatomy -Lesson for Kids- School Science Video 2:07

Day and Night Explanation,Causes Science for Kids

THE THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT RAP SONG~ There are never enough ways to teach this fundamental lesson. Music is just one more tool in the kit!

Habitats of Animals-What is a Habitat? -Video Lesson & Quiz for kids

School House Rock Science Electricity Cartoon Lesson

Bill Nye The Science Guy episode guide!

FREE Science Videos~ Disney presents short, interesting science demonstrations by Bill Nye. Each clip is 1-2 minutes, loads right from the home page, and is kid-friendly!

This page has 41 full episodes of the magic school bus!

Bill Nye on Simple Machines! (Video)

How do you know a tornado is coming? A lesson on the most violent storms on Earth.

Simple Machines with Bill Nye - introduce 6 simple machines

Bill Nye the Science Guy's YouTube channel!

Bill Nye The Science Guy - Rocks & Soil - YouTube - 23:04-minute video where Nye explains how volcanoes, rivers, landslides and more affect rocks and soil

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Simple Machines episode

The story of kinetic and potential energy - (wk 15 science)

3 types of rock- a science song - YouTube - 2-minute video of the types of rock put to song

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Phases of Matter

Edible plant cell science project.