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Making predictions--have students guess what a prediction is, then show pictures of partial animals and have students make a prediction of what it is, then discuss making predictions with books: the importance of covers, pictures, text, and experience.

Making Predictions anchor chart with sentence frames

Making Predictions - What do you think will happen in this story? Write your predictions inside the crystal ball. This 1 page download is great for reading / literacy centers and can be used repeatedly throughout the year!

My Lucky Day Reading Unit - summarizing, character, making predictions, vocabulary, writing, and more! TPT Pay unit

FREE PRINTABLE~ Great way to practice inference and making predictions... and to get kids excited about reading!

This can be a great writing exercise before reading a text! Students can draw and/ or write what they predict will happen in the book based on the cover and title. Since, students are writing it down, they can always go back to their initial prediction as they revise their predictions as they read. This will also help students understand what a prediction is.

This prediction storyboard graphic organizer is a great way to guide your students into making accurate predictions based on the text.

FREE Graphic Organizer: Making Inferences - 1 graphic organizer Directions: Read the text to make an inference based on the information provided and what you already know. Remember, you want to reveal what the author isn't telling the reader directly.

Do-It-Yourself Sundial~ This simple yet effective sundial was made by placing a pencil in a ball of clay. Every hour a stone was placed to mark time. The sundial in the picture goes from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Check out this fun blog post, and more at Otherwise Educating!