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Sewing a Tri-Corner Hat

Homemade Play for Kids: How to make Jack Sparrow's tricorn pirate hat.

How to Block a Tri Corner Hat thumbnail

AMAZING INSTRUCTIONS for making a MAD HATTER HAT. BUT...you can expand this to lots of amazing hats! Thanks Burton at Instructables. The_Hat copy.jpg

Tri-corner Hat like GW wore.

DIY Top HAT-could have used this more than once!

How to Make a Girl Pirate Costume- I kind of want to make the hat... just to wear. No costume, I just really like hats with three corners...

Paper pattern for tricorn hat on http://www.fi.edu/franklin/birthday/tri-corner.hat.pdf

sew cute!

This "cocked hat" (aka "three cornered", tricorn, tricorne, or colonial hat) is a fun project that you can make right now, requiring about a half hour of your time and a few supplies readily at you...

no sewing patterns

Peter Pan DIY hat idea NATURALLY every child should have one of these to wear in the woods!



witch hat!

1950's Sleeved Shoulder Cape (Img)

Top Hat

Pirate Pinup Mini Hat by babycakesdesigns on Etsy, $30.00

1967 Millinery Book Hat Making How to Make Hats Borrett Milliner Jakie O Styles Guide

Mad Hat