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Bucket List Item: Sleep on the #Beach | #Pinned by KarmicFit | #bucketlist #karmicfit #night #stars #dreams

If I could pick one place to go before I die, this would be it!! YES, PLEASE! (Bucket list)

bucket list: July 9th, 2012... 21st birthday.... Coldplay concert........ sleep is utterly out of the question!

Just visiting America at all would be a dream come true for me ♥ #Bucket #List #BucketList

bucket list: backpack through europe graduation?? ha! @Savannah Michaelsen

I want to go on a mission trip so badly!!! I really want to help people in need and spread the word of God! <3

bucket list tumblr | bucket list of summer omg reminds me of the movie grown ups!! ha love that movie

My bucket list would say give me a full day at the Louvre! With a "Please" and a guided tour ♥ #AccorBucketList



before i die..