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    • Vitamin C

      constant: new babylon (1969)

    • Charlotte Anchagada

      Symbolische voorstelling van New Babylon, 1969 [Collage, 122 x 133 cm, Collection of the Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, NL] Constant Nieuwenhuys’ New Babylon [1950-1970] City as a Rizhome in continuous growth

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    [][][] Cross-Section of a Clematis, by Andreas Ritter von Ettingshausen, 4 March 1840 (daguerreotype)

    [][][] Corn Sections - Raynox Macro

    [][][] Giandomenico Cassini (1625-1712) Original drawings of the Moon, 1671-1679. Paris, Observatoire de Paris, inv. Ms D-VI-40, f. 52. These drawings are part of the great atlas of the Moon (ca. 60 drawings) produced in collaboration with two artists, Sébastien Leclerc and Jean Patigny. Cassini used black pencil to record on most of the maps the date, time and circumstances in which he made his observations.

    [][][] "Terra Brasilis" by portuguese astro and cartographer Lopo Homem-Reinéis, is a map of Brazil as it was in 1519, a few years after the beggining of Portuguese colonization. This map is currently in the French National Library.

    [][][] Chesapeake Bay / lasercut maps of underwater topographies

    [][][] Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

    [][][] Prague Castle Map 1791

    [][][] A fresh chapter for organic data storage : Nature News & Comment. A book complete with illustrations has been encoded in DNA.

    [][][] Curiosity sets down safely on Mars : Nature News & Comment. Photo = Curiosity's first glimpse from Gale Crater. "Although not a beautiful image — it was shot through a lens cover by the rover’s rear hazard camera — the picture was enough to show one of Curiosity’s wheels resting firmly on the Martian soil. Off in the distance, the curving horizon."

    [][][] Jules Cloquet, 1825, from Manuel d'anatomie descriptive du corps humain Dissection of the neck, deep dissection, showing facial nerve (cranial nerve VII), glossopharyngeal nerve (cranial nerve IX), vagus nerve (cranial nerve X), and carotid arteries. Neck muscles divided and reflected to show cranial nerves, superior and cervical ganglion, carotid arteries, and cervical spinal nerves. Anterio-lateral view.

    [][][] The moon is toxic to humans

    [][][] Rise of the feathered dinosaurs. An exceptionally well-preserved fossil hints that feathers might have been a feature of all dinosaurs.

    [][][] Scientists study the phases of the moon on lunar models in preparation for an eventual manned flight to moon.

    [][][] Stratification and zoology

    [][][] The Atlantic and The Pacific - 1936 Color.

    [][][] Neuroscience: The mind reader. Adrian Owen has found a way to use brain scans to communicate with people previously written off as unreachable. Now, he is fighting to take his methods to the clinic.

    [][][] Crater Lake, Oregon

    [][][] Fetal genome deduced from parental DNA. Method could make non-invasive screening commonplace — and problematic. NATURE/NEWS, Alison Motluk, June 06, 2012.

    [][][] Geological map of Great Britain.

    [][][] San Sebastian

    [][][] Dust Particles 1 by MRK

    [][][] MRKism//Cypheraudio//The Flow// Final Film. The Flow looks at the supervening layers of reality that we can observe, from quarks to nucleons to atoms and beyond. The deeper we go into the foundations of reality the more it loses its form, eventually becoming a pure mathematical conception. Layer upon layer the flow builds new codes that create new codes, each version computing a new, more complex state based on the previous one.

    [][][] MRKism. Fig.2 The Nucleus.

    [][][] Mars One introduction film. Mars One plans to establish the first human settlement on Mars in 2023 and make it all a massive reality television spectacle. Seems almost too fantastic to come to pass.