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  • Samuel Kharlamov

    3You won't believe this .. Some known famous hollywood stars are gays/Lesbian and they're proud!! visit this link to know who > >

  • Adriana Diaz Villanueva

    Matt Bomer has to play Christian Grey.... Fifty Shades of Grey!

  • NAY

    Matt Bomer. Maybe Windwolf? Blue eyes and skin tone are right.

  • Aundrea Hall

    the man i imagined when i read 50 Shades of Grey. perfect features. MATT BOMER <3

  • Kelly O'Rourke

    I heart Matthew Bomer. Mmmmm mmmm good. Rumor has it he might be cast as Christian Grey.

  • Amy Wells

    Which gay celebrities aren't afraid to publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation?

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Matt Bomer, how I love you. HOW DARE YOU BE GAY?! (... aka how dare you be yourself and proceed forward in your individual sexuality... it's just... I just want you to like women. and by women i mean me.)

I'm not sure which I would rather be: The one he's talking to on the phone or that wardrobe person who's straightening his shirt collar...

Matt Bomer (White Collar). The fact that he's gay makes him even hotter.

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