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    A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts makes this fun bird feeder.

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    • DianaDee Osborne Songs / Osborne "INK"

      Homemade craft BIRD FEEDER. A wire hanger clothes hanger, a slinky with each end caught over the hanger top, and some peanuts. Attracts blue jays and red cardinals. And - sorry about that - squirrels. But they entertain the cats like Feline TV Station. - DdO:) - - Cute idea pinned via Scummings412.

    • Debra Cheyne

      YES! Making this for my Blue Jay friends! :D ~ A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts. ~ Why Not Do It Yourself - For All You Bird Lovers How About A Slinky Birdfeeder!

    • Becky (Staley) Peddie

      with a pretty bow on top you have decor for season in your garden Repurposed slinky bird feeder .Pliers Slinky Wire Hanger Peanuts or Nesting Material

    • Lisa Morris

      Bird Feeder - A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts. What a great idea - thank you for pinning this!

    • Carol Duncan

      Slinky Bird Feeder ! This project could easily be recreated with a wire hanger and a Slinky. As long as each end of the slinky is secure it'll hold peanuts or large feed.

    • Stephanie

      crafts homemade gifts Slinky bird feeder Materials: Pliers, Slinky, Wire Hanger Stretch a wire hanger around a large pan to make it round. Next at one end, put a slinky. Spin the slinky around until it is over the hanger. Take 1 end of the slinky with the pliers make a U. Put the U over the top of the hanger. Squeeze the U closed. Then take the other end of the slinky and stretch it around the hanger untill it reaches the top on the other side. Again make a U close

    • Rita Sheafer

      Bird Feeder with a slinky! What a cool idea. >> so smart!! And for the fairy garden

    • Leslie Davenport

      Bird Feeder with a slinky! I have lots of blue jays in my area.. What a great idea!

    • Just for fun

      A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts. More Peanut, Birds Feeders, Bird Feeders, Big Birds, Children Toys, Wire Hangers, Great Ideas, Blue Jay, Weights Loss A bird feeder that attracts blue jays: A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts. Make a bird feeder out of a slinky and wire hanger which is perfect for big birds such as blue jays... Make A Bird Feeder From An Old Childrens Toy- great idea, wish I knew where all the blue jays have gone. WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, love this bird feeder made from a slinky Bird Feeder - A wire hanger, a slinky, and some peanuts. What a great idea - thank you for pinning this! Check more at

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    I think this might be a Tommy project come spring.

    yarn bird feeder--for birds' nests!

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    Coat old toilet paper / paper towel rolls in peanut butter, roll in birdseed, and slip onto a tree branch to make easy little bird feeders!

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    Recycled milk jugs or soda bottles as bird feeders. This is very eco-friendly, and would make a fun little art project idea for kids. they could paint/decorate their birdfeeder! :)

    Birdfeeder - this is so cute the girls would love to do this

    I had no idea you could make a butterfly feeder this way, what a great project to do with your kids #butterflyfeeder

    Cute, but how to make them squirrel proof?

    Fruit Feeder: Use halved apples, oranges, grapefruit or pears Comes with built-in hanger Small, decorative ceramic bird on top Can be used all year round Orioles, scarlet tanagers, mockingbirds, grosbeaks and other fruit-lovers will flock to this simple yet clever "kabob-style" birdfeeder. Simply place halved oranges, apple, pear or grapefruit on the skewer and hang.

    Moon Birdfeeder...crackled glass

    Here is a simple DIY. These spheres are made with nothing more than chicken wire and spray paint.

    These backyard feeders, filled with colored food that looks disturbingly like the real thing – but you could also use wine or beer bottles

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    How to Make a Homemade Birdseed Wreath {for the birds} This is a wonderful craft to get the little ones involved with to treat our special feathered friends as the weather gets colder. They are made simply by combining gelatin and pre-mixed birdseed and are completely safe for the birds to snack on as food become scarce this time of year.

    cool idea for kids to make

    Soda Bottle Bird Feeder. #DIY #crafts #kids

    fan blades, table legs... awesome!