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  • Chuck Pope

    Incredibly amazing closeups of the human eye. It is awesome to see a glimpse of the complex detail that God can put into something so small. Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan, via Behance

  • Endless Seas

    "Green eye up close - surprising iris 3D texture and coloring. Green comes from light amber pigment (sparse melanin) combined with blue scattering of reflected light (the Rayleigh effect that gives us our blue sky) " (Endless Seas) ("Your Beautiful Eyes" series by photographer, musician, & Physics PhD Suren Manvelyan; more at

  • Katie Pruett

    Wow. Human Eye by macro photographer #surenmanvelyan

  • Melissa Prunier

    Close up macro shots of the human eye;; amazing photography :: Your beautiful eyes by Suren Manvelyan, via Behance

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Jared and I took pictures of our eyes one time, it's soooo cool what they look like up close!

Haven't really been a fan of the glossy eyes...but this look is a good inspiration for those nails for sure!

Love the contrast of eye color, hair color, and eye makeup + lips

Iridology. Richard Wilkenson artwork. Client: Telegraph Magazine, 2007, for an article about how your health can be mapped in your eyes.

Pastel | Pastello | 淡色の | пастельный | Color | Texture | Pattern | Composition | Macro

Eye | Iris | Pupil | 目 | œil | глаз | Occhio | Ojo | Color | Texture | Pattern | Macro |

Peacock! - All i can think of is the katy perry song

I've always secretly wondered if I would look good as a redhead... guess it's not a secret anymore.