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    A king only bows down to his queen

    A queen always protects her king so make her feel like the queen you need and want

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    But the strength of the wolf is in the pack and so to its weakness for the pack feeds only the strongest. A lone wolf is hunted by the packs. Not all lions are captive and even the ones that are remain wild and at will eat their oppressors. Be a man and you rule them all.

    Oscar Wilde on Love

    Not too many men, especially first time Daddys just starting out in life can be a positive role model, dependable, patient, kind and generous to another man's son. We are blessed.

    Leo- the only sign that is attracted to itself. Leos adore other Leos.

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    Puedo viajar por todo el mundo y por el océano azul, pero nunca estaré en casa hasta que esté contigo.

    i love this quote :)

    Saw a post about what Scar's name was before he got the scar and thought of this

    Never forget who you are...OR WHERE YOU CAME FROM!! (Lion King)

    A rare black lion. My understanding is that almost all large cats have a recessive black, or melanistic, trait. That's why you have black panthers, which are usually melanistic leopards or sometimes melanistic tigers. It is also why there are black jaguars, as opposed to those with spotted coats. The melanistic trait in lions is simply more rare than in other types of large cats.

    The lion doesn’t turn around when the small dog barks. Martial arts quotes

    the Lion and the Lamb

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