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Tips, tricks, and tools to help kids overcome bedtime fears and sleep soundly- topics include fear of the dark, monsters, and other bedtime anxieties.

How to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Failure

How to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Failure by Vicki Zakrzewski is a great resource for parents and educators.

7 Effective Tips To Make Your Child Overcome Fears And Phobias

Are you worried about your child's fears and anxieties? Want to know you can reassure their safety? Here we give 7 tips on how to overcome fear in children.

Do Not Fear! Printable Scripture Cards and Posters

Do Not Fear FREE Printables -Are you or your kids afraid of anything? In moments of fear or anxiety, cover yourself with these scriptures, reciting them in your head or aloud. Pray them over your children before bed or difficult situations. Recite the scriptures with them when they wake up at night. God’s Word is truly powerful!

Inspiring Picture Books about Fear and Courage

Picture books about fear and courage to help parents with their children's anxiety.

Helping Kids Overcome Fear

Many children are plagued by fears. How can Christian parents help them conquer their fears? Insightful post offers guidance in helping kids overcome fear.

Raising Overcomers: How to Teach Your Kids to do Hard Things

Ever wonder how to teach your kids to do hard things? How to fight fear, to live brave and overcome hard things? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Fears Talk

Fears Talk #conversationstarters #fear