Love this for a baby's room<3 Awww

Maddox loves Winnie the Pooh

For my daughter. I love you.

Mama: the glue that holds everything together even when she feels like she may fall apart. <3 We've got an abundance of quotes for strong women and moms on Joy of Mom! Would love for you to drop by and visit! <3 #mama #quotes #mom #mother #motherhood #strongwomen #joyofmom

Perfect gift for Parents and Grandparents.

hold the door lessons for kids. I want this big in a family room

a mamas love

From the moment that you hold your first perfect, wrinkly baby in your arms, the universe shifts and the title "Mom" is placed on your head like a very heavy crown. Being a mom is a profound responsibility, not for the faint of heart. Follow along as eBay shares seven things that all children would benefit from seeing their mom doing today.

When I have kids. This is SO sweet!

wall quotes

True Love is doing what is best for the other person instead of ourselves... :))

love quotes

I want this quote either as a vinyl decal (like here) or framed and put on my dresser.

Memo to Mommy -- you have a lot of lessons to teach your little one, but he has a few words of wisdon for you too.


nursery! nursery! nursery!


forever, Repin and share.