Isn't this amazing?? One of the more beautiful Milky Way photos I've seen. This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.

Beautiful Milky way

Milky Way Dancing

Amazing White Northern Lights as seen from Finland.

Wonderful timing on this photo

Starry Night Over Switzerland

(Genesis 1:16 God made two great lights, the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.) God made the Earth beautiful, all of which can be seen in the light of the day. Except, it can't really be seen during the night, it's just to dark. But, despite the darkness, all you need to do is just look up into the night sky, an illuminated beauty like the image, shows that even in the darkness, God can still create an astonishing beauty out of it.

Milky Way over Lavaredo.............@Luca Cruciani Milky Way with astronomical color correct over Lavaredo!

Babak A. Tafreshi facebook page We were amazed by the beauty of these dancing curtains of lights. Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, as appeared over a small sami village in Lapland, northern Sweden, last night.

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

Aurora Borealis - Amazing photo!

Amazing Photo of the Eiffel Tower being struck by lightning!

The Milky Way & Moeraki Boulders

I'd love to see this.

volcano, seen from space

From Above >> I just love photos like this, really puts the world into perspective!

2012 Perseid meteor shower, Wyoming

AMAZING eclipse photo.

Just Amazing

This illustration by artist Wladyslaw Theodore Benda shows a window opening to a view of the Earth, the Milky Way and the Moon. The image was done in charcoal and originally appeared in the March, 1918, edition of Cosmopolitan along with an article titled "The Future of the Earth," by Maurice Maeterlinck

"My love's like a star: You can't always see me, but you know that I'm always there."