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Great Lakes Quilt

Haptic Lab - Soft-Map Great Lakes Quilt - From the deep blue cotton background to the hand-applied lakes to the hand-stitched cities and mou.

solar system quilt  :)

Awesome Solar System Quilt - looks a little tricky but not as time-consuming as hundreds of tiny pieces - sew planets and stars onto the blue base, then quilt in circles/a spiral. Pinned for Kidfolio, the parenting mobile app that makes sharing a snap.

Alfombra vaquera

denim pockets & loops & seams, I have a denim quilt from when I was now and still use it all the time - for picnics, on the couch watching a movie, or when it gets too cold and a need an extra blanket.

Map Quilt

Sailing Ship Kite - White

Haptic Lab Quilts - Great lakes quilt, also Chicago quilt and quilt kit

For those of us who grew up in the Upper Midwest, the Great Lakes are a continual source of wonder. Skipping stones on the coast of Lake Superior or picking cherries in the Leelanau Peninsula, the fol

Great Lakes Quilt

Here's a treat for all you Midwesterners out there – Brooklyn's Haptic Labs has a new hand-stitched map quilt depicting the Great Lakes in all their glory.

Found this "quilt" kit online, but neat idea and super simple to make.

(Isn't this beautiful? Haven't looked to see whose this is, but WOW!) Love the idea of repurposing vintage chenille bedspreads into a beautiful quilt!

Michigan Vintage Map  Aqua  Beach Decor  Map by StoriesDivinations,

Valentine Gift - Personalized Vintage Map - Aqua - Beach Decor - A Fun and Funky 1930s Vintage Michigan Picture Map

I just think this would look cute in your kitchen since you are from Michigan. : ) Fun Michigan Vintage Map - Aqua - Beach Decor - Cottage Chic - A Fun and Funky Vintage Michigan Picture Map to Frame

DIY - Map Quilting Kit of the Stars | Haptic Lab

DIY Quilt - Constellation