The mermaids of the dark sea are horrible creatures. They sing, and anyone who hears it is put in a trance, they follow the sound of the voice, when the mermaids can reach them, they pull them into the dark waters, and the people are never heard or seen of again.

Gorgeous vintage girl and horse... wants to make you go back in time #vintage #fashion #fashion #photography #amazing #shoot #people #events #Beautiful #Photo #Art #Beauty

Photo by Chris Rivera

"A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart." Author Unknown

Through the stormy days, the dark horse continued to create a path back into the sunlight. He was unstoppable - unwavering In his pursuit of his God-given destiny.

Horse. so cool.




Light in the Darkness

Masked Rider


Lipizzan Stallion My grandmother took me too see these at the high school in Alamogordo, NM when I was a little girl. Beautiful creatures. ~AA


An incredible photo of a dancer in action. Via SugarPie on Tumblr. #dance #art #photo