The reviews on Amazon are the hilarious part!

If Dora were a Movie. This is hilarious!

Not even joking, I have tears. TEARS! Read the reviews NOW! -troph

I can't stop laughing. Will try one next time someone calls

Omg read the first review- I have not laughed till I cried in so long! Toooo funny!

A recipe for ice cubes. The comments are really the best part about it.

19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You--This is HILARIOUS! i cried laughing!

50 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life... the photo of #30 made me laugh so hard I cried

Seriously! I'm glad someone else sees it!

Oh my god... this is tooooo hilarious!

My favorite youtube video of all time! Morning pep talk ;) We could all learn something from her.

Teachers Who Got the Last Laugh

19 people that are having a worse day than you. click on it. This is hilarious.

I seriously don't even know what to say.

So hilarious!



Literally laughed out loud...

Hahahah. Can't. stop. laughing.