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Meet The Giant!

Meet George! He weighs over 245lbs. Guinness World Record Holder for Tallest Living Dog & Tallest Dog Ever.

OOAK * BABY BUMBLEBEE BAT * Realistic Handmade Poseable ARTIST BEAR *By Angelica in One of a Kind | eBay

THE BUMBLEBEE BAT - the incredible bumblebee bat is the SMALLEST mammal in the world, weighing about the weight of a penny. It is listed in the TOP 12 MOST endangered list. Travelfrom Travel

African Safari: When Are the Best Times to See Baby Animals?

zebra baby - love the ears!!





Baby Squirrel Giving Love Stylish 3D Animal Poodle Puppy Face Messenger Bag Women Leisure Shoulder Bag $26.9

The person I repinned this from wrote, "If you're still in a bad mood after seeing this, you're just a nasty person." I burst into tears. It's been a day.

Baby Owl, cutest thing ever"<<<<<<<< I'm pretty sure that's a baby dwarf hamster...I see at least three feet