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    • Sharon Bryant

      Periodic Table on the Ceiling * Teacher Scott Byrum's high school chemistry class at North Sand Mountain School in Higdon, AL I don't have ceiling tiles, but I want to do this. So badly!

    • Kwik Learning

      Periodic Table Ceiling Tiles: The letters are vinyl, cut by a local company, and are color-coded based on each element’s state at standard temperature and pressure. Solid elements are in black lettering, liquids are in blue, and gases are in red. Pin if you like it! :) #periodictable

    • Dody Hamlett

      Science teachers- check this out! Ceiling Periodic Table - Decorating the ceiling with a periodic table is a popular high school science activity, and when Scott Byrum noticed that the acoustic tiles in his newly-renovated teaching lab were square, he saw a golden opportunity. Or, if you like, a palladium one.

    • Sherry Loveless

      Ceiling Periodic Table: really cool idea to decorate the square acoustic tiles in high school science room. @Coleentara

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