• Amanda McGee

    birthday idea

  • Stefanie Hage

    The Game of Life birthday cake! Dylan cake for sure

  • Teanae Callis

    Awesome cake!

  • Amy Johnson

    "For my 50th birthday, my friend at a local cake shop designed a cake that told the story of my life in the form of the Game of Life board. Each tiny square on the road had a milestone of my life, like graduating from college, getting married, becoming a blogger, and becoming a mom. The top had a spinner that actually rotated and said 'Happy 50th' on it. It was an amazing cake!" -Glennia Campbell of The Silent I

  • Ginger Santamaria

    The Game of Life cake. Designed with milestones and a personal story of the birthday girl (for a 50th birthday). Love this idea.....

  • Amy Baran

    Cake idea inspiration

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