Dobermans: Best dog ever!


Love this

Schneemann bauen mit Kindern - Die schönsten Schneemänner | FRESHDADS Väter – Helden – Idole


36 Pet Owners Who Are Doing It Just Right… #19 Has Thought Of Everything. -


Husband Police Officer (backside design only)

I love love love Dobermans! This one is beautiful!

I have always thought this (:


great dane. I love these guys- what a sweetie! So gangly as they grow. Adorable.: Dane Puppies, Great Danes, Animals, Dogs, Pet, Great Dane Puppy, Greatdanes, Baby, Friend

this is my happy face!


Snow dog

Perfect security system. Cuddles the family, intimidates everyone else with one sound. Can't wait to have a whole pack of rotties the biggest babies you will ever have