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Place Value anchor chart- I like the houses- they all have the same last name :)

35 Educational Pinners You MUST Check out! I love Pinterest! It’s kind of hard to believe this is my first post about this wonderful curation tool. Pinterest is NOT just for crafts and recipes, and...

Beginning of Year Procedures

Second Grade Math Maniac. Put under sheet protectors for daily warm-up

1000 Life Hacks For me when the kids homework gets too hard for me to help them

"Wall of champions" post its to demonstrate 80% or higher on assessments

Why Writers Write

Great list of things teachers should do (or at least, think about!)

words with more syllables are usually longer

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Continents and Oceans Song

Ideas and solutions for the secondary classroom. #highschoolEnglish

Create-an-Animal or Create-a-Plant! Excellent activity for higher level thinking! 4th Grade Science! TEXT FEATURES!!!

Summarization Strategy called "the incredible shrinking notes". Students start out writing a summary of a reading selection on the large index card. Students are then given the medium sized card and have to take the information from the large card and condense it onto the medium sized card. Finally, students are given the small card and must take the information from the medium sized card and condense it further onto the small card. Great way for students to get to the main point/idea!

Goal Setting in the Classroom- love this. Students set smart goals, ones the can measure. I even set a goal and reflect on it too. Kids can check in on me and see how I'm achieving my goals as well.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Multiplication Songs & Bingo

"I care more about the people my students become than the scores on the tests they take."

Keeping Track of Anchor Charts: Take a picture, print it and file it in a binder before taking the poster off the wall. Teacher and students can refer to the binder even if the anchor chart isn't on the wall.

We read two books: A Tree For All Seasons and Watching the Seasons and created an anchor chart to show what we know so far about the seasons.

Learning to Write Numbers :: Everyday Snapshots... I've always used this and the kids really love it!

Number chants to help kids learn to form numbers correctly.

My kids can read and write ANYTHING with these.... they refer to them constantly!!.... Do your kids know the 'grown-up' reading and writing SECRETS about why letters make all of the tricky sounds that they do in words? Learn them today and teach them to your class tomorrow! ..... Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools & other fun stuff :)

Simplify fractions in this fast-paced math card game.

coin game

adoption books