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So true! I noticed they did not have a "wine" one but they do have that for the "home"! Tons of great free printables from Sweet Blessings: SONIC Signs

...Lord, give me strength... plus Your arm around my shoulders and Your hand across my MOUTH lol

This business of training little humans for life is a mind-boggling process.so true.

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This was so me in school!My Dad would always ask me as a Kid and even now as a teacher if they didn't let me talk in school. Because I'd talk so much when I got home!

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for the classroom -----  I may be addicted to pinterest as I feel compelled to keep pinning these great finds. ****************** IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE GOODIES, JUST CLICK ON THE LIKE BUTTON and RE-PIN IT TO ONE OF YOUR BOARDS SHARE THE PINTEREST LOVE! *****************

now THIS is what I need to post on my classroom door to stop those hyper-organized teachers from commenting on my "messy" room. art is not synonymous with mess.sometimes kids MAKE a mess with their art, though.

Text Art {Teacher Gift} · Lesson Plans | CraftGossip.com

Text Art {Teacher Gift}

{Keep It Simple, Sister}: Fast and Fabulous Teacher Gift I am going to make this for teacher gifts this Christmas! Easy peezy with my Storybook Creator Software.

That's a fact!

This inspirational pin points out the imperative nature of building teachers so they are equipped to build their students.

Pocket Full of Kinders!: Attention Grabbers Freebie

Classroom Attention Grabbers, for my teacher friends, heck I could even use these at home when I need my kids attention


"Great teachers empathise with kids, respect them and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon"- Ann Lieberman

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I do agree with this but they need the scores and I need a job, this is the world we live in, we can have both "I care more about the people my students become than the scores on the tests they take.

For the open house :)

And as a parent I promise not to believe everything the teacher tells me either. Especially after all the teachers I've caught in lies and observed mistreating children in their care.