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    F-Stop Chart

    Understanding exposure

    Manual Exposure Cheatsheet - Master manual photography with your digital SLR. We figured it was only appropriate for our first post to give something back. This exposure cheatsheet covers the basics of mastering manual exposure with a SLR camera. If you find it useful please drop a line in the comments we would love to hear your feedback! [manual photography cheat sheet]

    This Chart Shows How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Affect Your Photos #photography #tips #blogging

    Depth of field: free photography cheat sheet - drag and drop to download

    depth of field chart - photography

    Nikon Shutter Speeds

    This charts show the effect of aperture on the size of the starbursts. As you can see, the smaller the aperture, the more emphasized the starburst. The same concepts apply during the daytime as they do during the night time.

    Here is comparison chart so you can see what each aperture looked like. Knowing what your aperture will give you helps a lot when it comes to visualizing a shot.

    Photography Eye Chart Mug

    Shutter speed and aperture chart and examples

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    Our new night photography cheat sheet looks at many of the popular night photography subjects you’re likely to encounter when you head out under cover of darkness, and suggests the best shutter speed to use in that situation.

    How to Understand Aperture in 5 Simple Steps

    How to read a histogram: free photography cheat sheet

    F-stops Cheat Sheet

    Brand New Photography Cheat Sheet to help you master your digital camera.

    Best shutter speeds for every situation: free photography cheat sheet

    10 Embarrassing Mistakes I Made As A Beginner Photographer


    Nailing Night Exposures: Here's a guide to the rough settings you're likely to need for popular low-light subjects.