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That'll do for me.

Some believers accuse skeptics of having nothing left but a dull, cold, scientific world.

Atheist parenting by Karen. i wish i could like this 10 times. this is **exactly** how we raised our daughter

Atheist parenting - you don't need to shelter them from religious dogma. Teach them the morals that religion thinks it has the exclusivity on, and teach them to look at things with an open mind and they will see for themselves how religion works.

Watch Yourself because can't you see The Devil Satan is just right behind your back? Try evolution Satan said; and try Atheism, Satan said!

There is a reasonable non-super natural reason for everything. Just because we don't know the answer, doesn't mean that it's acceptable to just make it up.

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The thing is, this is what can be summarized from the Bible. If we do good for just wanting a reward, we will have no reward for God can see that in our hearts.


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, NOT Being Oppressed. Religion isn't under attack. It's being called out!

The god in creationism is a small god with no imagination.  The universe is a…

The god in creationism is a small god with no imagination. The universe is a vast, complex, and wondrous place, and far more awe inspiring than something whipped up in seven days.

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I am not an athiest. I believe in a higher power. I just don't believe in man-made organized religion. Every person's relationship with God is personal.

This sums me up!

I will bow before no imaginary god and will not surrender my logic, reason and humanity to senseless blind faith.

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Anthony Jeselnik on why he's an athiest.

Anthony Jeselnik on why he's an athiest. You know, He doesn't send people to Hell, He just honors their choice. You might want to do some serious reconsideration on your obviously misguided decision.

A great quote by Richard Dawkins. To trivialize my sensational, always troubles me

The idea of a divine creator belittles the elegant realty of the universe.

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Good explanation on how word theory doesn't mean: "evolution didn't happen" and how it can't be used to describe rumblings of that attention whore Dick Masterson (I actually had to do reverse googling to find that bitch's name)