David Tennant was my (and Rose's) Doctor.

"Oh, I don't know, I like impossible"

Don't know what it is? Lick it!

This is one of my favorite moments.

Nine, Rose and Mickey - Doctor Who

RDT and David Tennant on the "Satan Pit" speech. Funny he says he believes in rose then in the sixth seadkn when theyre in the hotel of " fears" which turns out to play off their faith. I think what the doctor saw was rose.

THIS FOREVER. I love how Rose looks tired from taking care of their new occupant and is leaning her head on TenToo's shoulder while he, despite being equally fatigued, is grinning and making faces at the baby. Too precious. I just can't.

Got that bitch another dimension. Bitches love other dimensions.

This picture. Tell me there is a more OTP couple than Ten/Rose / David/Billie

This is one of my favorite scenes too:)

love the smile here. <3

Initially, when he took her to the end of the Earth, it was to impress her. It wasn't long before he realized that witnessing the destruction of her planet was nearly as traumatic for her as losing his own was for him, and he regretted it. In the end, though, it all worked out for the best, because he'd finally found someone who understood his pain- someone who would laugh with him, cry with him, heal with him, and hold his hand through it all- someone who wasn't afraid to say, "There's me...

Doctor's Companions

Billie and David

So THAT'S where he got the shirt! I love how Billie Piper and David Tennant are besties <3 | Doctor Who

I <3 Wilf

:-( cried my eyes out...

rose + the doctor.

David Tennant

What I love about this is that 10.5 is the man she knew right after he regenerated. They had none of the time that her and 10 did, only that of 9 and her. This shows that the Doctor was ready to commit to her forever even before season 2 really got started