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  • Kea Clearsky

    The Rough-scaled Bush Viper (Atheris hispida) is a venomous semi-raboreal snake snake found amongst bushes and reeds in forest habitats in West Africa. They are nocturnal, and feed on a variety of small reptiles, frogs, and small mammals. They may reach a length of up to 73 cm.

  • mido k

    Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Exist The Bush Viper Being a carnivore predator, the Bush Viper lives up in the trees of the tropical forests of Africa, and does most of its hunting at night.

  • Habetrot

    The Bush Viper lives in the trees of the tropical forests in Africa and it does most of its hunting at night. This snake may look fierce, but it’s actually one of the smallest species of snake, with a maximum length of only 78cm.

  • Jan Demetralis

    16. The Bush Viper: The Bush Viper lives in the trees of the tropical forests in Africa and it does most of its hunting at night. This snake.looks like our version of the dragon..

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