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  • Emily Jane Westphal

    Chihuly Coffee Filters! ART CLUB all the way!

  • Mary Mohl

    Ms. Motta's Mixed Media: Can you say CHIHULY?! coffee filters, markers, drape over yogurt containers, spray starch

  • Sharolyn Tilton

    Using spray starch on coffee filter flowers!

  • Anne-Marie Horne

    Ms. Motta's Mixed Media: Chihuly Art lesson plans - Inspired by Dale Chihuly's Macchia pieces (glass work) Scalloped edges of coffee filters, watercoloured, let dry over a yogurt cup, spraying with liquid starch. Very pretty and effective.

  • Donna Kauzlarich

    This art teacher had a wonderful idea!! I love it! Ms. Motta's Mixed Media: Can you say CHIHULY?!!!!!

  • Jamie Heagany

    Elementary art teacher with great artist-inspired art projects and resource links.

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Corn Starched Painted Coffee Filters - I'd like to make them in spring colors

Can not wait to try this!!!!!!!!!!!! Chihuly bowls without special products - just coffee filters and liquid starch.

Starched Coffee Filter Flowers Craft... Something to do with the starch in my cupboard other than iron!!!

Chihuly project 1st grade- The coffee filter drapped over a yogurt container.

Chihuly's "Macchia" using coffee filters, markers, and starch!

When students were done planning they transferred their designs to white coffee filters using washable markers. Macchia means spotted or stained in Italian and that was the basis of the inspiration for Chihuly and my students. When their coffee filter designs were complete they used paint bottles to form their free form sculptures.

Chihuly inspired art -- made from *coffee filters*, *markers* and *spray starch* (yogurt cups underneath to shape them). How awesome are these! This whole blog (by an art teacher) is *fabulous*.

DIY coffee filter trees on ...make these gorgeous Christmas trees for less than a buck!

DIY Rose of Coffee Filter: Also use markers and spray bottle of water for kids to make. Have kids lightly color 3 coffee filters the round ones, and spray lightly with H2O, let dry. use pipe cleaners to secure a stem or use clothes line clip for butterflies.

Fall! I wish I could PIN her entire website! Her crafts are so creative, fun, and cute! You must check it out... :)