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This type of barn is so rare in the United States that The National Trust for Historic Preservation is protecting most of them. It is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the orchard country of Biglerville, Pennsylvania, an area which is famous for apples and other tree fruits. The round barn, also called a “barrel barn,” was built in 1914 by the Noah Sheely family. The circumference of the barn is 282’, and the diameter is 87’.

The Wonderful Barn - is a corkscrew-shaped barn built with the stairs ascending around the exterior of the building. ..rh

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Horse Barn door wrap

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"Winter Barn" by David Kocherhans

Postcard perfect • photo: David Kocherhans on Imagekind

Our new house has a shed. not a barn, but I like this color red. and love the rustic american flag. I could do that.