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Judi Oyama throwing down a frontside grind, Winchester Skatepark San Jose, Photo: Mike Smiley Goldman. Those early girl skaters look so cool doing what they love.

Skateboarding on Dust - Photo series by Roberto Alegria. I would really like to use different things like water, dust, fire, food and smoke to bring creativity to the project.

Fashion Icon: Farrah Fawcett Man, I so wanted hair like hers. Oh, and the Nikes. Definitely had the Nikes.

Sobol, Kertész, Eskildsen, mostre che non mi perderei!Sobol, Kertész, Eskildsen, mostre che non mi perderei!

Home III Orup, Denmark Joakim Eskildsen’s new body of work explores the poetry of place through the five different homes to which he has moved his family over the past six years.

skater girl and her pink skateboard . girl, prove that you can skate too.Want this skateboard😍😍

This is Elissa Steamer, a professional skateboarder and role model. As the first female pro skater, this trailblazer has inspired many girls to break into the sport, despite skater culture being strongly male-centered.

Concrete Wave & CalSteets Present Warren Bolster "Master of Skateboard Photography"